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GS1 Healthcare is actively involved with Solution Partners at a global level. Strengthening this collaboration will lead to a safer healthcare industry. With a recognised need for GS1 standards, healthcare stakeholders are calling on solution providers for support and expertise to drive faster and better implementations.






Healthcare providers interested in learning about GS1 Standards implementation in the care giving environment



Learn about successful GS1 standards implementations via cases presentations.

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Zebra has developed specialised solutions to ensure easy access to important patient data through seamless integration and device management. Digitised processes in various areas ensure that processes are optimized and thus contribute to optimal patient treatment.
Zebra and GS1 have teamed up to provide an overview of materials management, compliance with the European Medical Device Regulation and Smart Introducing health solutions for clinics and home care.

The speakers include Professor Dr. med. Jochen A. Werner, Medical Director and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the University Medicine Essen, Tim Bauer from the Hannover Region Clinic, as well as speakers from Informatics Healthcare GmbH, ilvi GmbH and Comed GmbH.

10 am CET

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Discover how the pharmaceuticals manufacturer Dovema has answered the serialisation and aggregation requirements in European and Russian markets thanks to GS1 Standards.

Mr. Andrey Atanasov

Head of Business Development

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This webinar will highlight case studies from leading pharma manufacturers & packagers that have seen the need to implement the next generation of digital factory technologies.

Creating a business case for pharma manufacturing technologies that is driven by GS1 open standards & interoperability vision is necessary to enable cost-effective & scalable adoption across the manufacturing network. Global harmonization of digital factory technologies is key to further enhance the healthcare supply chain visibility & interoperability.

Here are some topics we will cover: improving equipment effectiveness (OEE), labor productivity, asset utilizations & end-to-end visibility with real-time data collection & decision making.

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Serialisation is maybe the most underestimated technical challenge of the century. However, it will continue to play a big role not only in pharma but also in other industries, like medical devices, cosmetics, food/beverage, etc. Implementing serialization is a challenging and multidisciplinary project, affecting all departments.

It’s important to understand the best practices and how to convey such international Track & Trace expertise. Making use of global standards and IoT technologies is key to optimizing global supply chains.

Learning Objectives:

  1. How to make use of lessons learned out of huge project experience
  2. How to drive the implementation process smoothly
  3. How to profit long term due to making use of global standards  

Webinar Content

  • Serialisation – The most underestimated project of the century in healthcare
  • Typical challenges and best practices
  • Creating a multidisciplinary and skilled project team
  • Why standardisation and open interfaces against lack of interoperability
  • How to profit long term

Volker Ditscher, Director Global Sales Track & Trace, WIPOTEC-OCS

As a Project Manager Mr. Ditscher lead several hundred such serialization projects. Since 2011 he is globally responsible as the Director Global Sales Track & Trace for the relevant product division at WIPOTEC-OCS.

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Alexander Lange, Principal Consultant and Uwe Rauschenberg, Sales Director Track & Trace Europe and Uwe Rauschenberg, Sales Director Track & Trace Europe, Movilitas.

Alexander Lange, Principal Consultant, Movilitas has extensive experience in serialization, track and trace, and end-to-end supply chain processes, he helps customers to ensure global compliance and Uwe Rauschenberg, Sales Director Track & Trace Europe, Movilitas, he is supporting international companies from the automotive, logistics and pharma industry in developing track and trace solutions.

During this webinar, both speakers explained how Bionorica, one of the world’s leading manufacturers and premier supplier for the phytomedicine market in Russia, faced the country’s looming deadline of July 1, 2020. All new medication released must comply with Russia’s Federal Law No. 425-FZ, which specifies the requirements of drug serialisation that manufacturers must meet.  The goal of this regulation, as with others put forth in the EU and around the globe, is to reduce the occurrence of counterfeit medications that could badly affect patient health.

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  • Key aspects of the regulation
  • Implications of the requirements and their potential impact
  • Possible solution approaches and the role of GS1 standards
  • How Bionorica ensured compliance with the regulation within this tight timeframe while maintaining their current supply levels

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Listen to the first GS1 solution provider expert webinar on healthcare supply chain traceability with Wayne Miller, our Healthcare strategy leader, held on 13th February.

Hear John Wayne Miller our Healthcare Solutions and Strategy leader on the first GS1 solution provider expert webinar discussing successful implementation of global standards and traceability in healthcare.

Learn about the benefits of successful implementation of global standards and traceability within the healthcare supply chain. Find out how implementing global standards and traceability can benefit the healthcare supply chain.

Wayne Miller

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