About us

Healthcare stakeholders around the world have a common need, to ensure high-quality patient care while working within time and resource constraints. The use of GS1 identifiers, barcodes and other GS1 standards is quickly becoming a strategic priority for many healthcare stakeholders to enable the automation of manual processes for increased efficiency, accuracy and safer processes. With a recognised need for GS1 standards, healthcare stakeholders are calling on solution providers for support and expertise to drive faster and better implementations.

Our Strategy

The partnership with solution providers is a key focus for GS1 Healthcare as part of the strategy for 2018-2022. We need to engage with providers of electronic health records, enterprise resource planning, clinical systems and other relevant solutions.

This will be enabled by increasing our collaboration with healthcare solution providers with the objective to ensure they support GS1 standards in their solutions and drive interoperability throughout healthcare systems.

Our Mission

In order to accelerate the global transformation of the healthcare industry, GS1Healthcare will work to ensure that GS1 standards are included in solutions used by healthcare providers and suppliers. To accomplish our mission, GS1 Healthcare has built a Solution Providers Work Effort group currently composed of 38 Solution Providers and 32 GS1 Member Organisations.

GS1 Healthcare is actively involved with Solution Partners at a global level. Strengthening this collaboration will help lead to a safer healthcare industry.

Increasing GS1 Standards uptake
Improving the access of GS1 information for both Solution Providers and GS1 Member Organisations
Engaging with Solution Providers that do not yet use GS1 Standards
Leading to a more efficient and coordinated work at a global level

Our case studies

How the Global Data Synchronisation Network is helping hospitals improve patient care

1WorldSync pilot programme demonstrates process efficiencies that will benefit the global healthcare industry.


November, 2020

PHOENIX group becomes FMD compliant with Movilitas

Falsified medicines pose a serious health risk to patients.

Marco Steinkamp

April, 2020

Our News

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The deadline for implementation of traceability solutions for Medical Devices and In-vitro Devices is just around the corner.


October, 2020

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Governments, regulators, hospitals and retail pharmacies in more than 70 countries are driving implementation of GS1 standards in healthcare and many of the implementati


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July, 2020