MMP Pharma & Healthcare

The MMP Pharma & Healthcare is a business unit of MM Packaging, a global leader in producing folding cartons, leaflets and labels, specialized in providing innovative packaging solutions to the Pharma and healthcare industries.

With a presence in 11 countries and 28 manufacturing sites, MM Packaging Pharma & Healthcare is fully dedicated to manufacturing secondary packaging for the pharmaceutical industry.
MM Packaging's design and technical teams constantly strive to improve their production process and products to meet industry needs and enhance packaging efficiency. They have developed innovative solutions such as ComboPack, PiggyBack, Preserialization, and label dispensing, optimizing packing line capacity. Additionally, they provide a wide range of anti-counterfeiting features to enhance patient safety.

As a leader in pharma secondary packaging with a strong presence in Europe, the US mainland, and Puerto Rico, MM Packaging is committed to delivering the best solutions, prioritizing customer needs and product safety.