MITAS joins GS1 Healthcare as a global member

August, 2023

MITAS is driving #innovation in healthcare #traceability and #authenticity, enhancing #patient safety through precise product marking. Their end-to-end solutions empower healthcare professionals, while their robust traceability measures safeguard #medical supplies from counterfeits. With a commitment to Unit Level Traceability, MITAS ensures transparent supply chains. As a new GS1 Healthcare member, they're shaping a safer, more efficient #healthcare #future.

MITAS Corporation: the name consists of the first letters of the group’s main offerings: Marking, Identification, Traceability, Automation, Authentication, Systems and Solutions. MITAS Corporation consists of various direct fully owned divisions and some partial or major shareholding businesses. These associated businesses provide related or complimentary offerings which leverage other entities in the group to provide full end-to-end bespoke solutions. Every business that manufactures a product needs to mark and identify that product in some form or another, for reasons such as traceability, legal or regulatory compliance, consumer/client information, branding and others. For non-manufacturing clients, there is the requirement to manage products, organise assets, and facilitate maintenance and tracking of those assets.

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