Advocating for enhanced healthcare accessibility with Apple and Google

February, 2024

Join us in a groundbreaking initiative to transform healthcare accessibility! We are rallying support to urge Apple and Google to introduce native scanning capabilities for GS1 DataMatrix barcodes on mobile devices. This feature would allow your smartphone camera to directly scan the barcode on medications and medical devices, providing instant access to vital information about your treatment. This move goes beyond mere digitalisation.

It is aimed at reducing medication errors, speeding up product recalls, combating counterfeit products, and providing essential details about donated healthcare items. The implementation of native barcode scanning will significantly enhance patient safety by ensuring they receive accurate and immediate information wherever they are.

We are at a pivotal moment where your support can lead to transformative changes in healthcare. Share this message, raise your voice, and help us make health information accessible to everyone with just a simple scan. Let's work together to ensure patient safety is a priority in the digital age.

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